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Madura, Indonesia


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I can’t give a specific location on this one, I simply found a herd of sheep on the side of the road and decided snap some shot. Go cross Suramadu bridge from Surabaya to Madura, head straight, take a careful look, and you’ll find the field on your right. Happy searching!

Jakarta-Surabaya Train Ride

Everyone in Indonesia spends Eid holiday in their hometown with their families. Some take planes, some use trains, and some brave souls have to ride their cars.

This year, my family took the train for the very first time. To new experience, my mother cheerfully said. When I first heard about it, I hated the whole idea. Train ride from Jakarta to Surabaya takes 7 to 8 hours. Plane only takes 2.  I remember dreading the idea of sitting in a suffocating space with a bunch of strangers for seven hours.

When I got into the train and sat down, the seven hours I spent felt very much like a needed therapy.

The train that I rode which called Argo Anggrek was very different with the typical airplane. The large windows, the endless space, the table, the electric socket, it was enjoyable, and to me, the best part of the trip is definitely the ever-changing scenery out of the window.

Let me show you.

We started from Gambir Station, Jakarta.DSCN2491 DSCN2492 DSCN2494 DSCN2495 DSCN2496 DSCN2497

One of the places we visited on the way was Cirebon.DSCN2498 DSCN2501 DSCN2505

Here is Semarang.DSCN2506 DSCN2524 DSCN2528 DSCN2532 DSCN2534

And this is the cotton candy in the sky.DSCN2536And as the sun sets, the rest to enjoy belongs only to the dark.

Here’s to nature, here’s to His creation

Here’s to an event!

Hari Hijaber Nasional, dengan detail:
Nama Acara : Hari Hijaber Nasional
Waktu : 07 Agustus 2016 – 08 Agustus 2016
Tempat : Masjid Agung Sunda Kelapa, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Start, Stop, Restart

It was only until very recently that I realized how my life has been a constant stream of starting over.

It started in Japan, then school one, school two, school three, school four, and then school five. If this life were a novel, mine would be a one-shot piece with different beginning and ending per chapter instead of the lengthy book that has a proper beginning in chapter one and a happy ending in chapter something. At first I couldn’t make up my mind if this was a good or a bad thing, and so pondered I did, for weeks. I thought, what would happen if I never moved? What would happen if I stayed where I was? Occasionally, this thoughts will go deeper to the point where I sit and think, what would my life be like if I had stayed in Japan?

However, a constant stream of ‘what would happen’ will never change where I’m standing now, and I’ve made peace long ago with the realization of not being able to have that lasting relationship with people. Perhaps that’s why travelling is what I crave in life after accepting the fact that staying at one spot is too big of a task. To me, travelling becomes something like a never-ending book that has different beginnings and endings at certain different points. In the middle of each story, you’ll find different kind of characters, conflicts, and meaning. It’s a journey of starting, stopping, and restarting, over and over again. You meet people, you understand them, and you close a page. No judgement or ties to an extent. No string attached, only adventure ahead.

So maybe it can be a bit lonely, and so maybe I haven’t thought this through. Maybe it seemed like a coward running away from unrealistic fear, but the heart sings what it craves, and for now, it craves for the world without the need for the world to know it back.

and it’s
a year and a half away
until we hit
the next restart

Red Suitcase And Knee-Length Boots

Red suitcase and knee-length boots

That’s what I want to be doing in the future.


I’m currently in year 11 in High School, and I’ve got one year left to decide what I want to do in the future, and right now, the chances of me choosing what my parents hope for me to choose is getting slimmer and slimmer. I’ve had the idea of applying for International Relation or Law for a year now, but lately I’ve been contemplating another idea. I want to take journalism.

You see, here’s how the equation works in my brain:

If I take IR and get a job in the UN, I get to travel for noble purposes and help people, something I care deeply about.

If I take journalism, I get to write and travel, which is a win-win situation, as they are both something that I love.

I want to do it, walking down the road with maple leaves scattering around, breathing in the fresh spring air, buying hot chocolate as I write down about the new places I find in the middle of winter, or even playing at the beach with children from orphanage or homeless shelter.

I want to help people, I want to write the experience, and over all, I want to travel.

In response of: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

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