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A Love Message to All Muslim Ladies

Bedside Ramadan Essentials

Happy first day of Ramadan, readers! Today, I’d like to share my Ramadan essentials that I always keep right by my bedside for top priority. Here are the two things that I can never put far-far away.

1. Quran


When you are a lazy student who’s spending your Ramadan at home like me, there must be plenty of time to start your goals of reading one day one juz of Quran. If you’re also that person who just can’t get out of bed during Ramadan, then I suggest you keep that Holy Book real close, even at arm length. That way, you can put it down during breaks and pick it up again without having to get out from bed.

2. Praying KitDSCN2483

If you relate to me gender-wise, then we all know we got to cover that bed-hair of ours when we read our Quran. Keep your praying kit close, real close, and pull your blanket up to cover your hairy legs. This way, you won’t even need the bottom of your praying kit. This also helps if you wish to pray Dhuha every once in a while, though I doubt you can bother to walk into your bathroom and take an ablution for it.

Cheer up, we’re all in this together.

These are my top two Ramadan essentials, happy fasting, and share me yours!

Here’s to the month we’ve all been waiting for!

As Dad Drives Me To School

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

Let me tell you, it’s hard memorizing the Quran. You sing a song, you forget. You glance at boys, you forget. You don’t recite them, you forget.

My father, bless him, is a man of modern thoughts with a permanent old soul. He likes to share his thoughts online through his blog and it was from his infectious habit that I began to start a blog of my own.

While he is all these amazing figures out there, he is pretty much a dad who’s open minded and never scared of sharing his thoughts or making funny jokes to every sentence I have to offer.

You see, my dad drives me to school.

It’s a routine thing ever since my brother went to Japan, and we always have this unspoken deal that the radio cannot be turned on in the morning. It’s a moment of silence where he recites his daily morning prayer and I read fanfiction in silence.

Lately, he decided to involve me in his daily routine. I just memorized a brand new surah from the Quran last December, and my father is determined for me to not forget it at all, so he makes me recite the surah every morning on our way to school and he’ll correct me every time I get a verse wrong. Each morning I silently hope he’ll forget, just a morning, but he always remembers, and well, who am I to say no to a good deed?

“Whoops, almost forgot, come on, read the surah,” he’d say in a sheepish grin.

And I simply lowered my phone and started us off.

So that’s my favorite bit. At least now I don’t forget. Thanks, Dad.

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