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Neither Tried

Came he did

Gone he went

Just a stop

Not a word

Who am I

To put blame

Neither tried

Neither tried


Us in Colors

was boring day at school.

was clumsy bumps in the hallway.

was trading pranks and knowing you.

was nothing but comfort.

was to my blushing cheeks.

was end-game promise shared.

was when we spoke of future.

was ugly bad sign of an end.

was when tears of misery was spilled.

was when we said goodbye.

was to a new beginning.

In response to: Colorful

I Have A Love

I have a love

as you must too

but this one here

a little different

this one’s a blonde

with sapphire eyes

he’s been in pain

and so have I

it’s been five years

and still I wait

for him to come

to be at home

but here’s the thing

about my love

doesn’t exist

nor alive

a projection

of lonely heart

he’s called Allan

he’s a Radgon

a friendly ghost

in empty home

and so we met

and so we fell

I have a love

he is not real

he will not come

and yet I wait

Strangers At Dawn, Lovers By Night

Are we not made for better love

Where it ends with a dazzling spark

In which you find the snow white dove

And not abandoned in the dark

Instead you enter other realm

Of where we bit the Adam fruit

Cursed for life to face the fate

Where we stand on a mutual ground

To love so strong and never mate

Come sunrise, love turns into hate

So we await the sun to set

Strangers at dawn, lovers by night

Your Being

Not only

in my heart

Not only

a simplistic being

You’re an other

half of mine

Your pain

is mine

I am lost

when you are too


A King of Summer Fling

there’s a king
of summer fling
story of one
who has it all

the hazel eyes
the mean cold glare
what does it mean,
dear mighty king?

what do you hide
from I, the poor
what’s in your mind?
what’s your heart for?

don’t look so sad
is it that bad
to be the kind,
good king you are?

I only hear
resentful words
bitter tone
and eyes of pain

dear lord, good sir
don’t be so mean
don’t walk away
and hate I, sir

I’m curious
of what you know
of what you love
what makes you smile

what warmth you hide?
will you please tell
so that I slave
can know you well

your highness, dear
please speak your mind
because I fear
I am in love

5 Days of Love: Final Day

Final Day

Guess who kissed the last word
Of goodbye
Guess who chose to fly
Fly to the sky

It’s the day of the end
No regret of what will happen now
No regret
No regret

Words of love
Why wait for what’s unsure
Why not take a leap
Of pure faith?

It’s the last day of love
I have finally spoken the truth
No regret
No regret

5 Days of Love: Day Five


Day 5 – Morning

White shirt, a smile, and the start of something new
Will it ever happen now?
We’ve got four days left,
And it’s all only silence

Will it ever happen now?

Or will it,
be a memory
and stay locked up
inside my heart?

It’s all smiles and not a word
longing stares
and empty hopes
Will it ever happen now?

Day 5 – Night

Still four days to go and the heart’s torn apart
How silly I have been
Of course it’s all empty hopes
Never more than glance and whisper

How silly I have been

It’s not me
Never me
How silly
I have been

Look at his face when he spoke
When he asked her
For her number
How silly I have been

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