Pink in the Spring


Videography by Salman Al-Farisi

Red in the Woods

A little project created to help a friend out, everyone go check out the videographer!

#HOTD: Floral Big Skirt

Floral outfit is making a comeback, at least in Islamic community here in Indonesia. If you take a look around, you can find floral print on praying outfit, headscarf, long dresses, and skirts. While I used to not have that much interest in floral print, the vintages ones that they are selling nowadays are worth second glances at stores. Just recently, my mother and I decided to make a custom vintage huge floral skirt, and this is how I wore it as we took a trip to Bogor for a meal.



When you already have such an eye-catching number, it’s important to match it with a low-key piece. With the skirt, I decided to match it with a simple white shirt and silver headscarf.






The secret to this huge skirt is the layer. Inside the actual skirt, there is a thin layer inside to add more volume of the skirt. This skirt is also made with three parts of cloth. There are three lines of stitches. Two on each sides, and one in the back. This helps the skirt to be shaped big.

With this simple outfit, you can go absolutely anywhere and have fun without feeling restricted at all.

Enjoy your day!

#HOTD: Red or White Birthday Bash

With this post, I’ll be starting an #HOTD (Hijab Outfit of the Day) serial. I’ve written about many things for the past year, but I feel like all the things I’ve written about are too much of a boring diary rather than something that you might want to see. So with this, I will be starting a fashion posts about how I style my outfit as a hijabi. Most of these looks are inspired by hijup.com, and your input will be greatly appreciated!

So last night, I went to a friend’s birthday party. The dresscode decided was red or white, and I managed to pull together a decent last minute look.

IMG_4995 (1)

Being a hijabi, it is very important to wear clothes that doesn’t reveal your curves, so I wore a white blouse, red stripes culottes, white shoulder bag, and white wedges to support my 4’11 height.

The top I got was from The Executive, but unfortunately I can’t link it to the actually product since I got it from the on sale clothing section at the store. The same goes to the headscarf and the culottes, which I brought from regular stores that doesn’t really have a brand, but I can definitely hook you up with these two;


front flap box bag – Charles & Keith

The link that I put up was unfortunately not the white color since I believe it was out of stock, but it is the same item that I wore. The think that I love most about the box bag is it’s shape and the golden lining and sling that brings out that elegant look. The only downside from this is it only fits a phone and other small things that you can force inside.

FullSizeRender (1)

wedge mules – Charles & Keith

The wedge is an open-toe from Charles & Keith, and its height and all the description is up on that link. The wedge is really comfortable and doesn’t really hurt your toes even after hours. You can jump around and run with this lovely pair. Something to take notice is, if you’re wearing an open-toe, make sure to bring in some socks since your feet are one of the things that needs to be covered up as well.

That is the overall look that starts my #HOTD serial, I hope you like this brand new thing, here’s to you, here’s to us.

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