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Shampoo and Hair Mist | Azalea Beauty Hijab

If you’re the kind of hijabi who forgets when the last time you washed your hair because you don’t have anyone to show them off to and realize only at the last minute at how greasy your scalp and hair has become (like me), I might have the solution to that little problem.

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Azalea Inspired by Natur hair product comes in two types, a Hair Hijab Mist and Hijab Shampoo with zaitun oil and aloe vera extract.

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In the first day, I washed my hair with Hijab Shampoo and it does wonders! I have never felt my hair so clean before in my entire life. It’s like when you spray a greasy glass and wipes it off and it leaves a squeaky clean sound, that is what your hair will feel like, with all the cooling sensation that comes from the menthol. After drying, the shampoo leaves a subtle hint of smell, which might be your thing if you prefer to not be overwhelmed with a strong flowery smell.

FullSizeRender (7)For the next three days, I laid off washing my hair and instead tried to spray it with Hair Hijab Mist before and after school. While it does leaves an amazing smell, the mist will eventually oil up and shine your hair with grease, so I recommend against either wearing it too much or not washing your hair too long. You can also spray the mist to your hijab after Physical Education class or just to get through a sweaty day.

Over all, I’m happy with the products, especially the shampoo. Even though it leaves my hair dry, the squeaky clean result is something that I encourage all of you to try out!

Unfortunately, this product only sells in Indonesia, but I will leave a link to all of you who wish to check them out.

Facebook: Azalea Beauty Hijab | Instagram: @azaleabeautyhijab

The Crown Weighs Heavy

I try and not look into the mirror too much lately.

To be exact, I try and not to see much of my reflection. When I clean up nicely and take a look at her, I see the girl that is far hidden from the world, and I am not talking about fake-face or wearing a mask like in one of those gloomy girl’s diary. My problem is simple.

It’s all physical.

What the world gets to see of me is always the me that is stripped out from my physical appearance. What I wear and how I dress forces people to judge me for who I am, personality and intelligence wise. They don’t see how baby doll dresses look when they hug my tiny figures. They don’t see the way my hair falls into a fair frame around my square jaw that sparks a fair amount of attractiveness.

Sometimes I want the world to see.

At times, I wish the world can see that I have so much more going on for me other than loose tops and long skirt. That I, too, have what the world standardize as ‘beauty’. I hate myself for even letting these thoughts crawl and get underneath my skin, and I hate that I allow myself to feel good when us girls play dress-up and I hear compliments when I wear sleeveless dresses that falls just above the knee.

I am never this self-conscious before. I am always proud with how I can feel good about myself without long locks and short skirts. These thoughts are dangerous place in the corner of my mind. I didn’t need this negativity now of all time, and so  I went into the salon without a second thought to get a drastic haircut.

I wanted to be ugly. Different. Something that makes me not want to show myself into the world.

I didn’t get to do it in the end.

At home, I stared into the reflection in the mirror some more.

Maybe I can post just one photo without Hijab. 

Maybe I can take off my Hijab at school and roll my sleeves for a day and see how people reacts.

Maybe people will see me different then if I dress like everyone else.

These thoughts pass through my mind in a frequent amount that I broke down and right down cried. God must be so upset with me right now. I don’t want to take off my Hijab. I can’t take it off after wearing it for so long.

I am so lucky, I try to tell myself. There are plenty of girls who wish they have the same courage to do what I am considering leaving behind. I am so lucky that I am taught to keep my honor and decency only to those who deserve it, I tell myself each time. Don’t let them get to me, I chant. Why do I have to be pressured to please the world when I can keep things to only those who matters and deserving, who won’t judge, and will see me first for who I am despite my physical appearance?

I am currently not in a good place with myself.

My environment and the people in my social ring don’t make things easier.

I try and tell myself beauty comes in all sort of different ways. If there are people who see bikini as an empowering clothing, then there must be people who see non-revealing clothes empowering as well.

I tell myself  that those whose views of beauty are different from mine are simply taught differently and have different beliefs on beauty.

People are just different that way, I tell myself.

I will believe this one day.

Come Make Me See

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

The one thing that immediately came to mind relates back to my post a week or two ago. In that blog post, I wrote, ‘In history, lived the tale of thousands of people…’

You see, readers, the reason why I started this blog to begin with was because I wanted to share my perspective of life and learn other people’s perspective of how they see this world as well. If my view of this world is only one side of a cube, it’s a personal pleasure for me to learn the other five side of the cube through other’s eyes.

So if you ask my favorite part, it would have to be the old stories of the people in that land. The certain legends, the historic event, the heroic tale, those are my favorite part. Not the official record or story from a book kind, but the one that the people experience themselves.

It gives personal pride when people in their fifties above are willing to share their tale from their youth. It gives personal satisfaction when their eyes light up with excitement and nostalgia as they go back in time. It gives personal happiness when I can make their tales timeless as I write them down here for the whole world to see.

The legacy they leave behind, their idiocy of their youth, the decisions they made and the lesson they learned, these are my favorite part when I speak to stranger and ask them of their tale. As these tales take me back in time, they make me believe one thing:

Beauty do exist in this world, only to those who are willing to seek it.

And that is my favorite part. 




Bravery to Beauty

This post is a ‘just because’ post where I feel the need to share every bit of appreciation that I have for two of the most beautiful women who truly define what courage really means.

Raise your glass, because angels still walk among us.

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