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Intelligence: Overrated Thing

Intelligence is overrated.

People think those who succeed in life are born geniuses. Let me tell you, no. If anything, you can tell me the exact same thing. Everyone started out the same, exact way when they were born into the world.

To be intelligent, first we must learn. Some started early, some much later. Some taught by private tutor, parents, and some had to be self-taught.

To learn, first one has to crave for education. When we live an easy life where education is given, we tend to take it for granted. More often than not, we start to see words and numbers as chores. This is where we drop.

Some of us understand the importance of it. Some of us understand how lucky we are to be able to eat and drink education. This makes us sit in class in silence. We take notes accordingly and ask questions when we don’t understand. Education become our first priority, and we understand the amount of money our parents spend for our studies.

We value, and the appreciation fruits succession.

Lastly, we need to dream.

When we crave so much in life, we will find a strong link between between our goals and the things we learn. This becomes the trigger to our succession, pushing us to work hard until the end.

No one is intelligent from point zero.

Some people simply understand, value, and dream.

And some people, they simply take it all for granted.

Sisterhood Indonesia 2016

Last weekend, Wardah Cosmetics along with the great Islamic designer Dian Pelangi held the sixth annual Sisterhood 2016 in Lippo Kemang, Jakarta. Sisterhood, as the name mentions, is an annual free event for all Muslim sisters around Jakarta where they hold talk shows, clothing booths, and fashion shows. It’s the one day where Hijabers can style and feel confident in a supporting environment.

This year’s Sisterhood was my first, and it was a great experience.

IMG_7321IMG_7319__1464697820_21339 IMG_7320__1464697918_81357IMG_7323IMG_7356

Even Dian Pelangi herself showed up!



This year, the amazing fashion blogger and YouTuber from Netherland, Ruba Zai, came to a visit and did a talk show as well as a tutorial on her daily look.

IMG_7273 IMG_7283 IMG_7289I had the chance to have a chat with her, which you can read in my previous post.

There were also plenty of clothing booths on sale! My mother and I exhausted ourselves checking every single booths.

IMG_7294hijup stand 1IMG_7309 IMG_7308hijup stand 2Hijup gave each girls who took photo in their cute booth and updated it on Instagram a free bag, which came in handy when you need something to carry all your shopping items.

All in all, it was a great experience. It felt great to realize I’m not the only person who’s looking for comfort in my Hijup. I hope I can come to more of these events in the future.


Here’s to Us Book Launching!

I’ve been writing since year 2010.

I first started writing in this heavenly goodness website called where you unleash your imagination and ship whoever you please to make you favorite couple from certain fandom to become an end-game. In this site, I went by with the name Raiha Laf Qyaza. I left that story-writing life after 4 multi-chapters, 20 one-shots, and a great new-found knowledge about putting words for people to see.

After that, I still wrote every once in a while. Sometimes just to pour down my storm-like feelings to make the rain stop, sometimes just to spend a boring day in class. Either way, I never really stopped. I’d always come back and scribble nothings in the back of exam paper whatsoever.

At the end, after I finally made a more constant pace with my writing, I created a blog with the help of my father. He helped me create this domain and I wrote everything that crossed my mind. I’ve written 114 posts now, from poems about a crush on a senior until how I wish to be married young. I kept it all here, a never-ending diary that I can keep rereading until forever.

My parents took a step further and surprised me today, on my 16th birthday, by producing 100 copies of a book entitled;


It was by far the greatest gift anyone has ever given me, and now I’m all excited trying to get it published by big book stores. I understand it’s a bit far etched and too big of a dream for a diary-book kind of writer, but if I doubted that this could happen before, I am a bit more confident now. I just need all the help and support that I can get to take a step further.

But for now, I’d like to thank my parents, my family, my teachers, my seniors, and my fellow friends who contributed in making this book happen.

It was the greatest surprise, and I’m excited to write more. If you can give me any advice as to how I should take the next step, who I should contact, or what companies I need to e-mail to get things started, by any means, please put in your two cents. I appreciate anything you can offer!

Here’s to Us

To Five, With Love

In hope to raise a different perspective.

Sometimes it’s a wonder how some people are capable of being so mean—

—No, that came out wrong.

Maybe I’ve always known, but maybe I’ve always disregarded it because I had thoughts of being just as evil.

But when you take a look back into the year when you were the victim of said despicable actions, you just can’t help but realize you don’t want the same behavior acted upon anybody. It disgusts you to think you are capable of thinking like them at all.

“We were treated the same,” they argued. “Why do we have to be any different?”

That was when I fully understood those actions inflicted upon us victims and why we were trying so hard to be just the same. It wasn’t from hate at all, I assure you. It was just a bad sense of justice. It was to fair the unfair and to treat as treated.

“Why do we have to follow the despicable things they did? Are we not striving to be different, to make changes? Look, do you remember how much we hated it last year?” I was hoping it was strong enough argument to make them think.

“It’s not fair,” they pressed in anger. “We were treated worse, why do we have to be kind to them?”

The question ‘When is anybody going to be kind to us?’ was implied in there somewhere.

“No, it’s not,” I replied, but I wasn’t trying to understand their fair. I was trying to make sure you were going to be treated with more brain than brawn.

I was trying to make them see.

That everyone deserves to be treated better.

That you deserve to be treated better.



I’ve always hated the character hated Severus Snape with my entire being.

There, I said it.

I’ve been a hardcore potterhead ever since the beginning, and I like to humor myself and think that I’m the pureblood kind of potterhead who reads all the books, the extras, and also watch the movies. And ever since the very beginning, I’ve always hated the character Severus Snape with passion. Even through all that he’s done from countering the curse that Quirrell until protecting Harry for Lily’s sake, I couldn’t put Snape into the light side of my book.

And then he died. Snape died, we found out his life through the pensive, and always, the greasy git said. I hated him with all my being, and I sobbed like a little girl at his death scene, all because this brilliant actor portrayed the struggle of Snape’s life so perfectly that I couldn’t even bring myself to hate him after all those acting that vanished my hate away.

I’ve only ever seen Alan Rickman as Severus Snape my entire life, and so the only thing that can bring me grief hearing his death is by recalling all the things that he was during Harry Potter.

And now that man is gone, at the age of 69, after fighting cancer for so long.

And he died in honor, I tell you. He died bearing the name as the very first Severus Snape in this world, the character that struggled so much for lost love. He brought such strong and complicated character to life without single flaw and became the man that JK Rowling was proud to work with.

Raise your wand for Allan Rickman, because he shall be remembered, always.

Here’s to Alan Rickman

Three Years Left

“Guys like you, you know,” he told her once upon a time. “Many thinks you’re not so bad, but they don’t approach you because they see you and they see a person who holds dearly to her religion.”

She laughed, “I suppose that’s a good thing.”

But she wishes someone had tried.


“Is that your boyfriend?” a curious fan asked.

She laughed, “God, no.”

“You seem really close.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“You can say the truth.”

“He’s not! He’s a nobody, I promise. I don’t date, remember?”

Yet she wishes he could be something more.


“I’m asking her out, what do you think?” an ex-boyfriend came.

She spat as icily as she could, “Just remember why I broke up with you in the first place.”

She was glad she ended things if this was how he became.


“Come on, I like you, go out with me,” a familiar plea sounded.

She frowned in annoyance, “I told you, I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not allowed,” she hissed. She’s too tired of explaining it again and again to the ignorant.

“By who, your parents?”

Oh brother! She huffed and turned, ready to leave the guy alone.

“Wait!” He stopped her. “Fine, I get it, religious reasons.”

“Right,” she nodded stiffly.

“How are you going to get married then if you can’t date?” He was curious, just like everybody else.

She sighed, nobody seemed to understand. “I’ll just date the guy I marry.”

“When are you planning on getting married?”


“That’s fresh out of high school.”

“I know.”

“But I’m not ready to marry you by then.”

“Then don’t,” she laughed.

“Why not 24?” he whined.

She stifled a laugh, “Sorry, I’m not staying single that long. I really do want to be able to love.”


If only people understand.


“I’m telling you, don’t waste your youth away for things like marriage,” a friend tried to advise. “Enjoy your youth while it last.”

“How, going to parties? Taking crazy wild road trips? Going to concert? That’s not me,” she shrugged. “I prefer going on dates or having picnics under the stars with my husband.”

“What if you get divorced?”

“I won’t. God knows the best, alright?”

“Listen to me, don’t go collecting ex-husbands around. I think society will accept ex-boyfriends better.” He scoffed.

She chuckled, “I want to spend my youth with someone I get to love. What’s the difference between boyfriend and husband anyway? They’re all the same.”

“This is 2015, dude. Marrying at 18 ain’t normal.”

And the Quran’s rule is timeless, she wanted to say. She didn’t, though. She was already a weird enough person as it is.


“So, rumor has it, they got together.”

She looked up from her phone for a second, and then returned back to her phone, ignoring the tightening feelings in her chest. “I see.”

“I can tell you liked him,” a friend noted. “He liked you too.”

She smiled, “That doesn’t mean anything, now, does it?”

Her friend sighed. “That’s really how far things can go with you, isn’t it? You like a guy, the dude likes you back, and then that’s it.”

“That’s it,” she agreed. “There really isn’t any point in trying to ask me out.”

“Yeah, you’d say no anyway.”

“Exactly,” she agreed.

“I pity all the guys who harbors a crush on you,” he leaned against the wall.

“Me too.”

“If only you were just like us.”

She laughed, “And where will that get me?”

“Hell, probably.”

She shook her head at her friend’s antics and gave a sigh. “Three years left,” she murmured.

Three years left, and then people can be quiet and shove their own craps up their asses.

Slipping Out of Love

You both shared earphones and sat at the back of the bus as always. You were glowing because of how nice things went since the morning, and you’re delighted by the fact that he chose to sit with you and when he could have sat with her.

You let your hopes up way too far. You think that maybe love can remain love. And then you peeked into his phone screen, you saw his wallpaper, and you looked away in an instant.

“I shouldn’t have seen it,” you spat.

“You don’t like what you see? Same goes to me,” he said just as coldly.

You looked away and sighed. He got up and went to sit near her. Your bubble popped, and you had to laugh. Of course he left, and you’re just glad that you never believed in his love in the first place.

Still, it doesn’t stop you from hurting inside as you slowly slip out of love.

In response to: Mountaintops and Valleys


You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I’ll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I’ll always love

-M U S E

الرأي قبل شجاعة الشجعان

“Opinion comes before the bravery of the braves.”

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

-Michael Jordan

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