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Strangers At Dawn, Lovers By Night

Are we not made for better love

Where it ends with a dazzling spark

In which you find the snow white dove

And not abandoned in the dark

Instead you enter other realm

Of where we bit the Adam fruit

Cursed for life to face the fate

Where we stand on a mutual ground

To love so strong and never mate

Come sunrise, love turns into hate

So we await the sun to set

Strangers at dawn, lovers by night

For, To, Nine

Here’s to us, I always say
Never mentioned what it was for
Let me list down the things I would
Raise my glass to and what it’s for

For every truth I take as lies
For nice words passing like the wind
For doubting love that could be right
For loving airy, sinful touches

To shared earphones and long, long trips
To songs repeated on and on
To shoulders leaned on when it’s dark
To staring challenges in class

Eight little things I share with you
One tiny thing to make it nine
Last one would be this extra post
And there we have our for, to, nine

Your Being

Not only

in my heart

Not only

a simplistic being

You’re an other

half of mine

Your pain

is mine

I am lost

when you are too


With One Last Run

Stepping off
From your throne
Leaving hardships
You’ve always known 

Tears will fall
From us all
Pride will show
With one last bow 

Do walk away
To reach your dreams
We will stay
In your regimes 

Salute, brother
Good luck, sister
Go step further
With one another 

Time ticks by
It’s time to go
With one last run
You shall be known

But Instead

in this race

between us, fate

i should have let

love find me first

but instead, fate

i took off

to look for love

that could be wrong

In response to: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Where Is Mama?

Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to.

There was a time
Long time ago
When I hated
Your mighty job

Where is Mama?
She’s not home
Over bond

Will you be there
To see me win,
To cook me lunch,
And take me home?

Half the time
You’re not around
I hated your
Almighty job

Sorry, Mama
I was a kid
I didn’t know
How it is like

It’s fine, Mama
It made me strong
All brave and right
Just on my own

Mama, work hard
Leave me the key
Go do your best
I’ll lock the doors

I grew, Mama
I get it now
It’s not your fate
To stay at home

‘Coz Mama dearest
I can see
The same future
Held for me

Why should I be
Caged inside
When I could fight
For better cause

Spread your wings
Be free, Mama
Don’t you fly back
What’s done is done

Someday I will
Fly by your side
I promise, Ma
Things are alright

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Dear Mom

A King of Summer Fling

there’s a king
of summer fling
story of one
who has it all

the hazel eyes
the mean cold glare
what does it mean,
dear mighty king?

what do you hide
from I, the poor
what’s in your mind?
what’s your heart for?

don’t look so sad
is it that bad
to be the kind,
good king you are?

I only hear
resentful words
bitter tone
and eyes of pain

dear lord, good sir
don’t be so mean
don’t walk away
and hate I, sir

I’m curious
of what you know
of what you love
what makes you smile

what warmth you hide?
will you please tell
so that I slave
can know you well

your highness, dear
please speak your mind
because I fear
I am in love

5 Days of Love: Final Day

Final Day

Guess who kissed the last word
Of goodbye
Guess who chose to fly
Fly to the sky

It’s the day of the end
No regret of what will happen now
No regret
No regret

Words of love
Why wait for what’s unsure
Why not take a leap
Of pure faith?

It’s the last day of love
I have finally spoken the truth
No regret
No regret

5 Days of Love: Day Two

Day 2

The time is ticking
We have one day left
Time is ticking
As we speak

One confession left
Do I have the courage to speak it?
Do I not want to be

If I speak,
Will I regret for a year?
Or will it
Set the feelings free?

Do I want to keep it shut
and regret it
for a year
or maybe more

Do I not want to be free?

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