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5 Days of Love: Final Day

Final Day

Guess who kissed the last word
Of goodbye
Guess who chose to fly
Fly to the sky

It’s the day of the end
No regret of what will happen now
No regret
No regret

Words of love
Why wait for what’s unsure
Why not take a leap
Of pure faith?

It’s the last day of love
I have finally spoken the truth
No regret
No regret

5 Days of Love: Day Two

Day 2

The time is ticking
We have one day left
Time is ticking
As we speak

One confession left
Do I have the courage to speak it?
Do I not want to be

If I speak,
Will I regret for a year?
Or will it
Set the feelings free?

Do I want to keep it shut
and regret it
for a year
or maybe more

Do I not want to be free?

5 Days of Love: Day Three

Day 3

Two days left on our way
You’ll love this part
It’s the part for
Aching heart

Will they ever understand?
Soaring bird don’t know how to stop
Don’t know how
to not be free

Little bird
With big dreams of endless sky
And guts to conquer
All the world

Look at it face when it flies
What makes them think
They can stop its will?
Let it fly, let it fly

5 Days of Love: Day Four

Day 4

A good luck candy,
and a small gratitude
We have three days
on our way

Who knew time
would go this fast
Who knew hearts
would skip a bit or two

We have three days on our way

We will see
What tomorrow brings
Let’s laugh it out
Spread the love

At the end of the day
Summer fling is just a fling
Let’s laugh it out
Spread the love

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