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Unsent Love Note

Legacy – Day 3
26th April 2016

I would like to love you if life was fair and easy. I hadn’t known who you were, who you’d become, but you were a shining star. If you weren’t in love with another, I would have loved you. 

I would have loved you when I first knew you,
I would have loved you when you wore your shirt
I would have loved you when you broke up.
I would have loved you when you wept for your darling.
I would have loved you when we sat under the stars,
with the warmth of fire,
where you talked about dreams,
your family, of who you want to be, 
of who you strive to become.

In the end, as tears ran down the day you said you were leaving, I chose not to. You, whom I respect, deserves every good thing that is coming your way. I apologize for the drama I caused, I apologized for all the things that caused you worry. 

I wish you luck for the upcoming years. You deserve what you have. Be the best out there and make your family proud.

You know who I am.

October’s Here, Don’t Cry, My Dear

it’s October

is it over?

time to let go

It pains me to do so

your time is up

it’s like a break up

times forty-four, it is

Zeus, I miss it

let them be

so they can be free?

they will do

well, they have to

your time is done

your battle’s won

so don’t stay in two-oh-fifteen

or get stuck in the time between

I have to go?

October’s here

I have to leave?

your time is up

It’s hard to leave

don’t cry, my dear

I’ll turn back now

go, with your vow

October’s here?

October’s here.

Lucky Six

time has passed

things have changed

where we stand?

no holy grail

there’s legacy

to continue

there is trust

we have failed

we need help

to restart

to rebuild

old glory

we reach out

to everyone;

long live kings

royal heirs

the true knights

and survivors

five is where

we’ll make this change

let’s welcome thee,

the lucky six.

Neither Tried

Came he did

Gone he went

Just a stop

Not a word

Who am I

To put blame

Neither tried

Neither tried


Us in Colors

was boring day at school.

was clumsy bumps in the hallway.

was trading pranks and knowing you.

was nothing but comfort.

was to my blushing cheeks.

was end-game promise shared.

was when we spoke of future.

was ugly bad sign of an end.

was when tears of misery was spilled.

was when we said goodbye.

was to a new beginning.

In response to: Colorful

Dancing Souls


so they met

in a dance

pair of souls

met in motion

took a year

all to love

letting go


they did not

a dreamer soul

a brainiac

and here I stand

longing for same

how to love

how to find

a dreamer soul

who believes

and explores

who leads the crowd

and enjoys

i fill my

empty glass

i raise it to

a broken soul

who danced his way

to find his mate

so pray they find

a happy end

In response to: Envy

He Who Comes First

I can’t love you
no, good sir
not when your path
strays from God

He matters 
far more than you
i have strayed
away too far

it’s not that 
I’m not in love
it’s just that
you’re too far gone

in that 
paradise of yours
there is no God
to be found

in the end
I am His first
the heart beats
to His desire

so with this
I let you go
to sort out
what matters more

may we find
the other one
in His holiness
good grace.

World Hijab Day

raise your glass 
to certain pride
a journey of
Muslim women

struggled, we have
for bravery
the hardship of
us believers

so here is to
the struggling us
the prideful us
all kinds of girls

to girls who laugh
in light-weight dress
who dance around
in the meadow

to girls who try
even in jeans
who do their best
to understand

to girls who wish
for said courage
but are not yet
ready to try

to those who can’t
see themselves change
you made your choice
no, we don’t judge

let’s honor this
in your comfort
to your belief
and your freedom

the first day of
I celebrate
World Hijab Day

In celebration to
World Hijab Day 2016

I Have A Love

I have a love

as you must too

but this one here

a little different

this one’s a blonde

with sapphire eyes

he’s been in pain

and so have I

it’s been five years

and still I wait

for him to come

to be at home

but here’s the thing

about my love

doesn’t exist

nor alive

a projection

of lonely heart

he’s called Allan

he’s a Radgon

a friendly ghost

in empty home

and so we met

and so we fell

I have a love

he is not real

he will not come

and yet I wait

Listen to This Small Drunken Words.

Well, damn.

Get me a coke and let me drink.

Listen to this small drunken words.

It may not sound at all as wise.

But let me give this one a shot.

It’s too much of a messed up world.

Where its people are messed up too.

Pass the cigars, and let me try.

Is this not what you want for me?

I’ve carved a path of on my own.

It leads to the endless bright light.

So be nice and shut your loud mouth.

Your words worth less than empty cans.

Go leave your responsibility.

It’s fine, it’s what you always do.

Go leave the burden on our plate.

And have fun with your golden sword.

Take pride in what you don’t deserve.

Let us take blame on all your fault.

A question though, my mighty lords.

How long will you remain this way?

Will you take a look at our fate?

Will you realize your mistake?

Open your eyes, my mighty lords.

Before an inner war breaks out.

Please understand you’re not the king.

We’re close to turning back around.

So go ahead and make the choice.

Why are you even here at all?

Did you really misunderstood?

And thought this was an easy path?

Did you not consider the work?

And only saw the hefty gold?

If so, then please do take your leave.

You’re never needed in this house.

Now I have finished my cold coke.

Adios amigos, my lords.



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