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Facebook Page!

I joined an all-girl blogging network in Indonesia just this week, and I decided that I really do want a boost of traffic in my blog, hence why I’m spending this year’s Ramadan holiday working on it.

Two years going into the blogging life, I’m still working on bits and pieces and everything that I need to understand to improve my blog, such as SEO and Google Analytics, and I realized having a facebook page is a must in the network.

Voila, I made one!

Fb Page

In the spirit of kindness and sharing of Ramadan, it’d mean a lot if you can give it a like!

Here’s to improving


Bedside Ramadan Essentials

Happy first day of Ramadan, readers! Today, I’d like to share my Ramadan essentials that I always keep right by my bedside for top priority. Here are the two things that I can never put far-far away.

1. Quran


When you are a lazy student who’s spending your Ramadan at home like me, there must be plenty of time to start your goals of reading one day one juz of Quran. If you’re also that person who just can’t get out of bed during Ramadan, then I suggest you keep that Holy Book real close, even at arm length. That way, you can put it down during breaks and pick it up again without having to get out from bed.

2. Praying KitDSCN2483

If you relate to me gender-wise, then we all know we got to cover that bed-hair of ours when we read our Quran. Keep your praying kit close, real close, and pull your blanket up to cover your hairy legs. This way, you won’t even need the bottom of your praying kit. This also helps if you wish to pray Dhuha every once in a while, though I doubt you can bother to walk into your bathroom and take an ablution for it.

Cheer up, we’re all in this together.

These are my top two Ramadan essentials, happy fasting, and share me yours!

Here’s to the month we’ve all been waiting for!

Ruba Zai: Hijabi Fashion Blogger and Youtuber

When you are a a muslim teenager with fair amount of obsession toward Islamic fashion, there are a lot of hijabi fashion icon to look up to, and one of them is the one and only amazing Ruba Zai aka @hijabhills on Instagram.

Just this Saturay on the 28th of May, Ruba Zai visited Indonesia for Sisterhood 2016 for the first time to have a meet and greet with hijabers (hijabi in Indoesia are often called this) to share her experiences as a Youtuber and fashion blogger. The Netherland hijabi also showed some tutorial as to how she styles her day to day make-up and hijab look.

In this special occasion, I had the chance to talk with her about some personal things that she had to face behind all her success and how she felt when she first wore hijab.

“I think, of course, every girl dresses up, and you do your make-up, do your hair, and when you just get a new cut, just dyed your hair, and you’re like, oh, my hair is so pretty, obviously it’s very hard, you know, for women to have that strength to always cover up, especially when you see around you, and there’s so many beautiful girls that don’t, you know, cover their hair. Of course it’s hard, but that’s the struggle of hijab. If it were easy, everybody would wear it. If it’s easy, then there’s nothing to it. I think, of course, if you’re prettier without hijab, you can also look pretty with hijab,” the Netherland blogger shared.

As a muslim, there are also different interpretation and beliefs that are held by Ruba’s global viewers, and she also talked about how she reacts to all the negativity in her comment section that have different opinion on how to style up.

“To be honest, I feel like religion is something that is very personal,” Ruba told me. “For people to say, oh that’s not very Islamic, you’re not a very good Muslim, to that, I just– I don’t care,” She shrugged it off. “Religion is personal, it’s between you and Allah, and at the end of the day you wear your scarf for Allah, you don’t wear it for your followers or somebody else, you wear it for Him. Whatever everybody has to say, well, they can say whatever they want!” she laughed in a good nature.

To all the girls out there who are still struggling in their hijab, Ruba also cheered us and said, “Well girl, we are gonna rock it in Jannah!”


IMG_7289YouTube | Instagram | Blog

Go and follow Ruba to become more updated with her latest style!

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day when I stumbled upon a picture of a page from a book called, ‘The Diary of an Oxygen Thief’.

Read that and absorb every word without having your heart-broken apart, I dare you.

I am not, in any way, a book kind of person. If it isn’t a school assignment, Harry Potter, or Land of Stories, I don’t read books. I read fanfiction, and that’s it. Those heavenly goodness are enough to make me happy, or at least they have been for the past six years.

Then I saw that, and it was a moment of immediate attraction. I feel the need to read that book and understand deeper about the story of this man who got off on killing poor girls’ soul.

It was legal, he said. I think I killed a few of them.

Boy, isn’t that the truth? Killing people come in so many form these days, and while physical abuse can be reported and brought into court, these form of crime can not. Thousands of people can die of heartbreak each day and it isn’t something you can sue about. It’s something so simple and yet so despairing when it sunk in.

I want to understand him, the Oxygen Thief. I want to understand his reasoning and why he did it. I want to reach out and have him healed, as imaginary as he might be.

The first page itself didn’t have to take much to break my heart. I will get myself ruined into shreds if I ever got my hand upon that masterpiece.

To those who wish to buy me a copy, you will have my heart and soul. To those who wish to read the sample, click here and read the first 50 pages of it. To those who sell a hand-me-down of the book, please contact me.

If you’ve read the book, let me know what you think below!

Here’s to the Thief

Unknown Soulmate Wedding Plan

As ridiculous as marriage seems to teenagers, I’m sure many people have thought about their marriage since they were little. Most keep these thoughts hidden in their heads, while most strive to bring the fantasy to reality. 

So here is my reality;

The first thing that you immediately can get from this picture is that it is an Outdoor Wedding. With light, airy, sunny, and spring theme, I am in deep desire to have a Garden Wedding where there will be no reception whatsoever with light colors theme (either baby blue or cream).

The birdcage you see is the place where the ceremony will be held, and later will be the table where my husband and I will dine.

Here is the entrance.

This is where guests will enter the venue, with two different kinds of photobooths on each side. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will sit in the tables in the entrance handing out flowercrowns for the ladies and pocket flower for the gentlemen.

The next thing is the round tables. 

Instead of serving buffet, I plan to hand out menus in each table. Each table consists of eight people with guest names placed on each seat. Each guests will get to choose between two appatizers, main courses, and desserts. It will be a dinner occasion. 

The dress that I desire to wear is a light, cream colored dress with two layers at most that doesn’t cling to my curves too much. I’d like to be able to move quite easily and eat however much I want. The style that I wish to go for is a Greek type of dresses that just falls with gravity. If it doesnt work with Hijab, then I’m thinking about Medieval style dresses.

Tuxedos are the same however the style is, so I will leave that to my husband. The one thing he needs to take note is to make sure the suit is properly fitted with his actual size and not an inch or two bigger. 

The music on D-Day will not be a band. I am planning on hiring an orchestra that can fill the air with melodies from piano, cello, and violin.

I realize I might not have this wedding at all considering how I’m going to have to see what my husband wants, but since I don’t have any of those at the moment, I’ll relish my happiness here.

What kind of wedding would you like to have?

Jakarta Ramadhan Festival 1437 H/2016

Ramadhan is fast approaching, and you know what makes the month even more exciting? It is most definitely the part where strive to share everything we have with everyone for happiness and just the sake of it. Ramadhan is the one month where we gather with our big group of family, brothers and sisters, and cherish the moment with great joy.

This year in Indonesia, a community is planning to hold an event called Jakarta Ramadhan Festival!


The date of the event and the full description is to be announced, but go and follow them to keep yourself updated with their information!

Facebook | Instagram

Spread the love and let your soul be purified with the coming of this year’s Ramadhan. See you there!

Here’s to joyful month

Importance of Joining Network

One thing I learned from blogging for a year now, is that you can’t get hundreds of traffics right off the bat without shamelessly promoting your content to the world. Be it through facebook, twitter, instagram, or other social media, you’ve got to try and reach out to as much as places as you can to get people to read your blog.

The first three month is always the hardest, especially if your content is what you like to read instead of what you think people would like to read. It always depends on what you offer to readers, and the one thing that hooked the most readers in my blog was that one time I wrote controversial poems that is right down unkind. That post stirred public’s interest and brought many people here.

Now, I’m not saying you need to do the same, there are many people who are interested in common topics such as fashion, make-up, DIY, and product review, you need to find what you feel most comfortable to write and aspire to be big in that field. So do big, be bigger, and perhaps I’ll see you on top.

Even though I haven’t joined any network so far, I plan to have joined an Indonesian Blogging Network by the end of the year. Tell me what you think!

Here’s to blogging and all the fun of it

Book Update!

Out of the hundred copies that my parents made, we decided to give away around 60 books to anyone who wanted one, and I cannot thank my mother’s and my friends enough for actually putting interest in Here’s to Us. I just got done putting the books into envelopes to send them away, and I am extremely surprised to find out that people who are late requesting them are actually willing to pay for the books!

So my mother agreed upon ordering another batch, but we’re still going to wait until there are a hundred people who wish to buy them. Until then, you can book them by contacting me through personal chat or e-mail. Once again, thank you so much for the support, may you find peace reading it.

Here’s to you

Here’s to Us Book Launching!

I’ve been writing since year 2010.

I first started writing in this heavenly goodness website called where you unleash your imagination and ship whoever you please to make you favorite couple from certain fandom to become an end-game. In this site, I went by with the name Raiha Laf Qyaza. I left that story-writing life after 4 multi-chapters, 20 one-shots, and a great new-found knowledge about putting words for people to see.

After that, I still wrote every once in a while. Sometimes just to pour down my storm-like feelings to make the rain stop, sometimes just to spend a boring day in class. Either way, I never really stopped. I’d always come back and scribble nothings in the back of exam paper whatsoever.

At the end, after I finally made a more constant pace with my writing, I created a blog with the help of my father. He helped me create this domain and I wrote everything that crossed my mind. I’ve written 114 posts now, from poems about a crush on a senior until how I wish to be married young. I kept it all here, a never-ending diary that I can keep rereading until forever.

My parents took a step further and surprised me today, on my 16th birthday, by producing 100 copies of a book entitled;


It was by far the greatest gift anyone has ever given me, and now I’m all excited trying to get it published by big book stores. I understand it’s a bit far etched and too big of a dream for a diary-book kind of writer, but if I doubted that this could happen before, I am a bit more confident now. I just need all the help and support that I can get to take a step further.

But for now, I’d like to thank my parents, my family, my teachers, my seniors, and my fellow friends who contributed in making this book happen.

It was the greatest surprise, and I’m excited to write more. If you can give me any advice as to how I should take the next step, who I should contact, or what companies I need to e-mail to get things started, by any means, please put in your two cents. I appreciate anything you can offer!

Here’s to Us

In Which I Learn to Meditate




the quality of being clear, in particular.

After a hectic March holding a charity concert with 51 people as student council, my sleeping pattern shifted from the usual 8 hours to 5, resulting a foggy state in the mornings where it’s like standing at the top of a mountain and not being able to see surrounded by white mist.

With school and other projects still ahead of me, I wanted to be rid of this situation however I can, and I looked up meditation online. In my inexperienced view, I see certain state of calamity and peace in people who have succeeded in doing this as regular activity and wanted to be as at peace as they make it seem in Kung Fu Panda 3.

Having tried practicing myself to Lucid Dream and failed, I was a bit skeptic about the whole idea, but I decided to give it a try. They said meditating can help achieve lucid state in my sleep, so I figured it was a win-win situation.

I followed whatever tutorials for beginner out there on Wikia, YouTube, and Google, and have attempted to do it for three days, each for only two minutes. I can say that the first two helped me achieve an ‘awaken’ state in the mornings, but the third attempt was  a long boring two minutes. This was probably because I wasn’t in a relaxed state and didn’t have a wall to sit against.

So far, I still have a lot to work to, and I have to really commit to daily meditation, but I can say the mist is getting thinner in the mountain. Maybe once I’m a pro, I will start seeing my past life and find out I was a princess in some castle a long lifetime ago.

Or a frog, that works too.

Let me know some tips to help me get better at this – or the Lucid Dream too, and tell me your experiences! I’d love to learn from you.

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