Just as midterm ended, a dear friend of mine, Emma, mentioned, “So when are we going to Kyoto?”

It’s a plan that we have been pushing back for quite a while now, what with how busy the semester has been for the two of us as we try to balance the holy triangle of sleep, study (plus work), and socialize. The moment Emma asked, despite still having a few things to work on, I couldn’t resist going, “Let’s do Saturday,” to which Emma agreed (because she is awesome). Here are several (plenty) snapshots from our one day 12 hours get away.

Location: Nanzenji Temple

DSC_0002[1] DSC_0035[1] DSC_0125[1]DSC_0005[1]DSC_0047[1] DSC_0099[1] DSC_E0085[1]

I personally love old sites like this aqueduct that we found. We had to go through several websites to find this location, and although the temple was small, we liked it because there wasn’t too much crowd when we visited in the afternoon.

After, Emma and I went to the river at Gion.

DSC_0213[1] DSC_0292[1] DSC_0361[1] DSC_0305[1] IMG_1223[1]


We also went to eat at Naritaya Halal Ramen restaurant and got dessert at Kezurihiya, which is popular for their shaved ice dessert. I will post the vlog from th trip on YouTube soon, so please look forward to it!

Credit to Emma for taking all these photos! Love you girl xo