October’s Here, Don’t Cry, My Dear

it’s October

is it over?

time to let go

It pains me to do so

your time is up

it’s like a break up

times forty-four, it is

Zeus, I miss it

let them be

so they can be free?

they will do

well, they have to

your time is done

your battle’s won

so don’t stay in two-oh-fifteen

or get stuck in the time between

I have to go?

October’s here

I have to leave?

your time is up

It’s hard to leave

don’t cry, my dear

I’ll turn back now

go, with your vow

October’s here?

October’s here.


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  1. Foto di atas acara apa itu Mbak, kelihatannya kok suangar puoll? 🙂
    terima kasih dan salam kenal.

    • Zhafira

      Hehehe, acara trip observasi di Labschool, itu yang suangar puoll kk osisnya 😀

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