The Mirror

If Les Miserables is my favorite musical by far (second being West Side Story), than Phantom of the Opera is my favorite opera there is, and that doesn’t say much considering this is the only opera I know. The one thing that intrigues me about Phantom is, of course, the Phantom himself. I care not of Christine’s innocence. It’s the Phantom obsessive nature toward Christine and his attitude that amuse me the most. My favorite Phantom is Gerard Butler, despite popular opinion who tend to choose Ramin. Here is my favorite number from the opera musical, The Mirror.

(Voice of Phantom)

Insolent boy, this slave of fashion,
Basking in your glory!
Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor,
Sharing in my triumph!


Angel, I hear you.
Speak, I listen.
Stay by my side,
Guide me.

Angel, my soul was weak,
Forgive me.
Enter at last, Master.


Flattering child, you shall know me.
See why in shadow I hide.
Look at your face in the mirror.
I am there, inside!


Angel of Music, guide and guardian,
Grant to me your glory.
Angel of Music, hide no longer.
Come to me, strange Angel.


I am your Angel of Music.
Come to me, Angel of Music.

(Raoul, spoken)

Whose is that voice?
Who is that in there?

I am your Angel of Music

(Raoul, spoken)

Christine! Christine!


Come to me, Angel of Music!
I am your angel of music! 2x

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